Ahmed Nabil Belbachir

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Certified Project Manager from IPMA (International Project Management Association). Certification to Level C for Project Management (Medium to Large Projects); Date of obtention: September 6th 2012



PhD. from Vienna University of Technology entitled “On-board Processing for an Infrared Observatory”; Advisor: Prof. Horst Bischof; Date of graduation: April 13th 2005


Intensive program course at INSA (University), Lyon France for the Work entitled: Still Image Compression Using Hartley Transform”; Advisor: Prof. Jean-Michel Jolion; date: May 2000


Master in Signal Processing from University of Oran (Algeria) entitled “Digital Filter Design in the Discrete Space”. Advisor: Prof. Mohamed Faouzi Belbachir; Date of graduation: April 29th 2000


Electronic Engineering Degree from University of Oran (Algeria) with thesis entitled “Signal Reconstruction from the Spectral Phase: Study of the Noise Influence”. Advisor: Prof. Mohamed Faouzi Belbachir; Date of graduation: July 4th 1996


High school graduation, focus on mathematics – Al Hayat School, Oran, Algeria; Date: July 1990


Middle school accomplishment, - Montesquieu School- Oran, Algeria; Date: June 1987


Primary school accomplishment, - Ben Boulaid School - Oran, Algeria; Date: July 1983

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